A kick-ass documentation generator!

Projbook is a lighweight and open source documentation generator intended to help you writing your code-related documentation such as libraries or frameworks.
It is not an API documentation generator like doxygen, or docfs but complementary to them.

Projbook becomes handy while dealing with real documentation content including code snippets like user guide where snippets needs to be very detailed but always up to date.
It will provide ways to extract the exact snippet you need and inject them the documentation ensuring:
  • The code is compilable
  • The reference is correct
  • Can be integrated with a continuous integration environment
As an example, this website is entirely generated using Projbook, trigerred and deployed by a continous environemnt. This documentation's source is available with the project's source on github.

The project is available on nuget and updates are broacasted on @projbooklib.


How to use it


How to write plugins